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this color..

Before my eyes, a swirl of colors, dark and light,
flavors and dies, dull and very bright

I almost can reach to grab and hold,
the darkest colors are too cold,
for me to find and catch the brighter kind
whose beauty so well calms my mind.

I live for you, as everything you are to me is good,
I'd give you everything, if I could.

I know not how you give me reasont o be,
you've so become a part of me

through life, I love, with this light color, I live true
I do not know, if I could stay alive without you...

I love you so, of all the things in life I need, and so believe
please do not leave.
I know not that ever I would wish to even live
if with to my love, this brightness, I could not give...
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