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I guess the white sox...

won the world series. I don't care about baseball. not major league baseball. I used to play baseball, and it's a fine, fun game. fuck the corporate ownership of a sport though.

I think i'm going to stop caring about anything. not worrying.

i'm still going to do the work that I need to do to make grades and money and people mad, but I'm not going to worry about what goes wrong. ever. what could be the point? nothing.

stop worrying about shit.
you're going to die anyway.

this is a damn good beatles remake. Wal-Mart is full of shit.

sometimes I become reflective of myself. i'm not so well talented with writing as to be able to explain what I mean. you might know anyway. dreams of grandeur are all I have.

life is nothing.

and I'm sick of people being nobody. if your un-logo'd non-descript clothes, look, and outward personality don't identify you, then who the fuck are you?

grow a god damn beard. and I don't mean facial hair.

join a band or make some ridiculous mark on something. be whatever you imagine.
be like someone you want to be like, but better. and as different as you like.

being "fake"? who cares. if you're watching "Laguna Beach" and liking it, that's fake.

starting a death metal band and screaming your lungs out might not be so fake. it's been done before. but instead of watching something, you're doing something.

I laugh at the non-memorable not-fun not-exciting, not-edgy, not-real times all of those guys on that lame show have. I sort of feel sorry for them. they're fucking teenage girls, have no real hobbies or interests, have no fucking testosterone, and have no sense of earning anything. and the girls are whores. OH WAIT... any girl can be a whore. I almost hate them for having the money and time that they seem to have free to do anything they wish. And then they do the most ass-ridden bullshit I've ever seen. whatever the school or families have set up for them. wow, they're really breaking out of their molds there.

wake up and do something different. or do something at all. exercise. go somewhere, get to know someone you don't know. do something you didn't know you didn't want to do. who the fuck cares? I hope you care enough not to like Laguna fucking Beach. what a joke.

25% of the world's human population has round or ring-type worm parasites, badly. do you? think about it.
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