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notes to self... violence

is what lives in actions from thought.

what is thought, but sensual experience resolved to memory, recalled? nothing. every thought is something you've already experienced. every feeling is as fake as a duplicate. every feeling you've ever had. if someone dies, and you don't know how to feel, it's because you haven't felt it before. the pain is an inability of your thoughts to coalesce into any recognizably comfortable summation of feelings.

are you thinking about violence? you've felt it. it's the answer. it's so simple. need for retribution by its apparently sensed success in the past. revenge. fuck you.

you know better. your rational mind, which has sensed that better can come, that little good can come from such bad, and that ignorance is no excuse for not doing well. fuck you.

life can be better. you're not living it. you're running from it. you're not doing what you need to do. you feel guilty about it. you've felt guilty before. not a good feeling? not a good thought? fucking stop it.

get with life. get with who you are. be who you are. the apparent success of the latest fashion, or some apparent success of someone close to you with some irrational method... it's all bullshit. you know better. you sensed success. you, much moreso, have sensed this.

learn to live. this is now. it's halftime. how have you played your first half?

if you're not, to yourself, saying 'fuck you'.... then you've played well. but you are.

just in case, fuck you.

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