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het leven is liefde

10 May
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Me... I exist in an infinite plane of thought, and I exist mortally. I have things to live for and things I cherish. I try to expose the evils of society from behind their veils, and become frustrated and even depressed when the powers that be regress a potent society into a medieval class-based system with executions, divergent wealth gap, a freiza, and a single cult which has overtaken the free world. I am an eagle scout and a college student. There was a day when I felt free of binding and deterrent administration.... Now my freedom lies internally and needs to be shared with my Sonchyenne... She has partly freed me of shackling depression and I believe in and better understand myself for it. My life is now lived often optimistically, seeing a future career in mathematics, natural sciences, history, social progress, and, probably bearing more importance, a great interest in participation in government. I understand my talents as an empath, an athlete, a logical thinker, a leader, a lover, and a bearer of understanding of ultimate solace. Through thought and feeling, I can analyze the patterns, meddlings, and givens in mortality. Through logic and critical thinking, I can summon conclusions about happiness, human life, immortality, spirituality, and death. I have a love for learning and a love of people, and am open minded; which today is defined as being liberal. I live for a cause, which is to help people in need, help people to understand, and to participate in the betterment of society for society as a whole. I live under guidelines, physically by the measurement of physical limitation properties (otherwise known as physics), mentally by birthright and quality of capacity, spiritually through belief, spiritual strength, and love, and ultimately avoiding feeling of actuality of insignificance, unimportance, and worthlessness. I exist for reason, ones which have before been debated and misunderstood, ignored and mentally eradicated, and rethought through test of time and emotion... my reasons learned by me through one sliver shining past eternal eclipse, one rose risen from nothingness... one love for existence. I now have many ambitions, anxieties, and emotions which I never have before. My pessimism is sometimes optimism, as must be for all human life, as to evade true understanding of actuality and therefore depression... and to make successful and livable life for all, and to end suffering and oppression. I am me, and I wish everyone to understand and join me, to be themselves. Not anyone else. I love everyone, and I am... everyone.

Who are you? You join me by reading what I write and therefore already know my extrovertion. In this world, there is right and wrong with black, white, and gray. Do you represent what is right? Do you understand what is right? Do you understand the meaning of life? Even your own meaning? I answer yes to all of these questions. You have some learning to do. You have some exploring to do. You have some meaning to find. Your purpose is not predetermined, nor determined by any greater being. Regardless of your background or religion or thought process, you can relate to others, you can believe in something or anything, and you can love. When you love, you can believe. When you believe, you can understand purpose and life through empathy.