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so we all must know

justice is a lie

a fucking lie. no child should be put in prison.
no one who is 18 wasn't before 16. and 12. and 4. no one who is 18 is anything but a 18 year old child. by induction, no one is anything but an X year old child.

fuck you, american justice system.

fuck prison. there's a reason people are there. it's because people like you run a fucking joke of a system which places people there. there's a reason people do 'wrong' they didn't see it as wrong. something was more important.

we have to fix it. we have to stop punishing people. for anything. imprisonment, violence, or any kind of punishment is simple misunderstanding. the law doesn't 'see it' the way someone else does. Fuck you, law. Fuck you, piece of fucking shit american cock-faced justice system.

fuck you.
I fucking hate you.
die of gonorrhea and rot in living hell.
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